Sunday, May 29, 2016

PeopleTools 8.55+ - Using Oracle JET (JQuery, JQueryUI, requireJS and more) - Part 2

In my recent post (click here), I detailed how we could use Oracle JET to safely and efficiently take advantage of some the common open source libraries such as JQuery, JQueryUI, requireJS, etc. I also created a cleaner version of my JavaScript Injection Bootstrap and used it to inject a custom javascript (which uses JQuery) to add an environment specific header for both Fluid and Classic in PeopleTools 8.55.

In this post, I want to continue with that process and re-write the configurable image replacement technique that I described for PeopleTools 8.54 (click here for more details).

IScript for Image Object Source URL Resolution:
Reference to the previous version of the IScript: Click here.

Since using meta-HTML such as %Image and %JavaScript does not work in JavaScript objects, I created my own version of  an IScript which returns the URL referencing an image object on the web server (loaded on the cache directory).


PeopleCode for reference:

Function IScript_CSK_GET_IMG
   Local string &img = %Request.GetParameter("img");
   &url = %Response.GetImageURL(@("Image." | &img));

Create a custom javascript function and add it to the JavaScript Injection Bootstrap (CSK_FL_BOOTSTRAP_JS):

This function would help us to mask some of the details to access the preceding IScript to get the Image URL (similar to the getScriptURL function which I borrowed from Jim Marion's blog).

Function Name: getImageURL

Let us add this function to the JavaScript Injection Bootstrap:

Configurable JavaScript for Image Replacement (CSK_OVERRIDE_IMAGE_JS):


This javascript object CSK_OVERRIDE_IMAGE_JS is a re-write of my previous version which was called CSK_FL_IR_JS. You will notice that I am using requireJS to load the JQuery library that I need for this function execution. I am also using the getImageUrl function which I previously detailed to get the URL of the custom images. These URLs will be used to override the corresponding delivered counterparts. Right now, I have two examples for image replacement: 1) Replace the delivered Favorite Icon with a custom image (CSK_LOGO_FAVICON) and replace the delivered 'Processing' icon for Fluid with a custom image (CSK_PROCESSING_FMODE).

LOGO_FAVICON (delivered):




Similarly, we can configure additional image replacements by simply appending code to the CSK_OVERRIDE_IMAGE_JS javascript object.

Load Image Replacement JavaScript using the Fluid JavaScript Injection Bootstrap:

Simply add CSK_OVERRIDE_IMAGE_JS to the cskInjectJS function in CSK_FL_BOOTSTRAP_JS object.



  1. Thank you for putting all this content together. I appreciate it. I was able to replace the processing icon to the custom image. However, when i login with a user with out the peoplesoft admin role, they are not able to see it. It display a blank image. Do you know if we need to add additional security to a user to make this work for them?

    Thank you for your time

    1. I figured it out. Full access was needed on the weblib. Thank you

    2. Lorraine - That is great. Thank you for letting me know!