Thursday, October 26, 2017

Event Mapping Framework - Lifecycle Management (LCM) Considerations

Jim Marion wrote an excellent blog post demystifying the pros and cons of Event Mapping Framework (EMF) in PeopleTools. One of the concerns, that he rightly points out, is the lack of lifecycle management support. Knowing the fact that this framework is new, we can expect Oracle to soon follow suit and provide EMF support in App Designer - Compare Reports (for LCM purposes) and PeopleCode Editor (for troubleshooting purposes).

While we wait for these enhancements to arrive, here is a SQL query that will find a correlation between peoplecode events in a project and the EMF metadata. The query will return all component/page/component record/component record field peoplecode events in a project (think bundle, tax update, 'get-me-current' PUM application patching, etc.) that have corresponding Event Mapping App Classes configured. This SQL will help with LCM support concerns that might be holding us back from using Event Mapping Framework!

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