Friday, October 23, 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Conference

Oracle OpenWorld is starting on Sunday, October 25th!!

I will be presenting the following session on Sunday, Oct 25, 9:00 a.m. | Moscone West—3009:
When Integration Broker Is Not Enough [UGF1786] 

I look forward to catching up with any fellow bloggers/readers who are also attending/presenting!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fluid - WYSIHTML5 Editor Prototype!

I recently answered a question on the OTN forums related to rich text editor in PeopleSoft. Since PeopleTools 8.50, PeopleSoft has leveraged using CKEditor for rich text editor (aka RTE) configurations options in App Designer. As a follow up to the OTN, I wrote a small post on how to create and use custom RTE configurations, toolbars and plugins.

CKEditor in PeopleTools provides a way to create and work with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) rich text editor.

This has found its way to several use cases ranging from but not limited to:
-    Rich text configuration fields which are then used for rich text display in HTMLAREAs
-    Content source for rich text enabled emails
-    Content source for rich text enabled BI Publisher reports
-    Content source for Enterprise Components Forms Builder – Instructions
-    Content source for rich text enabled Student Activity Guide (Configurable) Pages such as Agreement Pages, Start and Complete Pages

While this is a great utility, it is a WYSIWYG editor which means that it might only be appropriate for Classic pages and might not be suitable for Fluid. I was curious to see how a rich text enabled field appears on a Fluid page and based on my tests it appears that Fluid does not support rich text enabled fields.

RTE Field on a Fluid Page:

Results: RTE toolbar does not appear in Fluid.

We can also confirm that rich text is not supported for Fluid in PeopleBooks.

Home > PeopleSoft > PeopleTools 8.54 > Fluid User Interface Developer’s Guide > Considerations for PeopleSoft Fluid Application Implementation

We can imagine how RTE powered by CKEditor (WYSIWYG) would introduce several challenges when it comes to incorporating the editor in Fluid. But why not WYSIHTML5 - What You See Is HTML5? :)

So that is how I got started on this little pet project!

I wanted to take the same concept and create a rich text editor that is also responsive (WYSIHTML5). I used an open source project ( to develop a prototype for a WYSIHTML5 Editor in PeopleSoft (Fluid) that enables Responsive Rich Text.

It is still a prototype so it has a few quirks to be worked around and it is also not a fully functional RTE yet. But I think it is a great start!

Step 1: Load Open Source Project to the Web Server

Based on instructions in the I downloaded the open source project (zip file), extracted/unzipped the contents and placed it on the web server.




This completes the first step to make the necessary javascripts and stylesheets (amongst other things) available on the web server.

Now moving on to incorporating this in PeopleTools.

Step 2: Create Fluid Page with WYSIHTML5 Editor (Configuration)


1. Static HTMLAREA (1) is used to store a javascript function and a button which when invoked transfers the WYSIHTML5 contents in HTMLAREA (4) to an invisible - modifiable by javascript - long edit field (2).

The "csk_div" ID used in var x = document.getElementByID("csk_div"); is referencing an input field (WYSIHTML5 editor) in HTMLAREA (4).

2. Invisible (Modifiable by Javascript) field to temporarily store/move (PreSave) the WYSIHTML5 contents from HTMLAREA (4) to the component buffer. This helps with sending the HTML5 contents to the server during the save (3). This is kind of a hack/temporary workaround and there should be a cleaner way to get this to work. It is a "to-do" item to make this more efficient.

3. Save button to push data (component buffer) in the page to the server.

4. HTMLAREA that holds the WYSIHTML5 contents with an input/editable field (and other associated wysihtml toolbar items, styling and scripts). HTMLAREA is populated using PageActivate PeopleCode using a HTML object (CSK_WYSIHTML5).

CSK_WYSIHTML5 HTML object was built primarily based on the HTML in this example page:

Few things to note about CSK_WYSIHTML5 HTML:

- An ID attribute ("csk_div") was added to a DIV that represents the input/editable element for the HTML5 editor. This is needed because it is used in the javascript function that is part of the Static HTMLAREA (1).
- The contents in the HTML5 editor field (csk_div) are passed in using a bind variable (via Page PeopleCode).
- The script sources were appropriately adjusted to refer to the directory on the web server (where the wysihtml project is located).

Step 3: Create Fluid Page for WYSIHTML5 Display (Viewer)

This is a very simple Fluid page with a single HTMLAREA that is loaded on PageActivate as shown above. During the load,  the HTML5 contents that was created and stored using the previous page (CSK_WYSIHTML5_CFG) is retrieved and used as a parameter to HTML object (CSK_WYSIHTML5_DISP). The HTML retrieved from CSK_WYSIHTML5_DISP is them assigned to the HTMLAREA field.

CSK_WYSIHTML5_DISP was also primarily built using the following page:

Only differences are:
- Toolbar was removed (as it is a display only page).
- Made the editor display only (non-editable).
- Added a bind value to place the HTML5 contents using PageActivate code.

Let us see this in action!! 

I created a custom Fluid Hompage (Sasank's WYSIHTML5) and added the two Fluid Pages as tiles.

Fluid Page with WYSIHTML5 Editor Prototype:

- Enter "Rich Text"/Responsive contents in the editor.
- Click on "PreSave (Load to Buffer)" button.
- Click on "Final Save" button.

1. Push buttons to save responsive rich text data.
2. Responsive rich text toolbar.
3. Responsive rich text editor.

- Right now, the page just refreshes if we press ENTER/carriage return on the editor. ENTER/carriage return only works when the cursor is on text that does not contain any styling. This is also a "to-do" task.
- We must click the "PreSave (Load to Buffer)" button first before clicking the "Final Save" button, otherwise the changes made in the editor will not get transferred to the server as part of the component buffer.

Fluid Page with WYSIHTML5 Display Prototype:

We can see how the rich text displayed on this page in a HTMLAREA is responsive!

Demo Videos!!

WYSIHTML5 Responsive Rich Text Editor (click here to view video in a new tab):

WYSIHTML5 Responsive Rich Text Display (click here to view video in a new tab):

I just wanted to share this project with the PeopleSoft community! A lot of javascript hacking and app designer cheats (workarounds if you will) were required to get this prototype to function. I would love to work with anyone who would like to collaborate on improving this project and see where the results take us! Perhaps a truly integrated Responsive Rich Text Editor… Perhaps a futuristic Web Based Responsive Page Development Utility… Perhaps a case for productization and potential incorporation into the PeopleSoft solution!?!?!?

Project Details:

Disclaimer: I am sharing the project primarily to seek collaborators and others who might be interested in playing with or extending this prototype. If you choose to perform any of below steps then it is at your own risk! :)

Project Environment: HCM 9.2 PUM Image 9 - PeopleTools 8.54.08

1. Download the project by clicking here.
2. Unzip/extract the project and copy it to a testing/play environment (using 'Copy From File' option in App Designer).
3. Build project.
4. Explore! Test! Explore! Test!


1. This project which contains the WYSIHTML5 editor prototype for PeopleSoft should be considered a proof of concept only. Please do not load this into your production environment. This was purely intended for experimentation and evaluation purposes.
2. I, the author, will not assume any liability for any problems resulting from the implementation of this project.
3. All objects in the project are custom and start with the prefix "CSK_".
4. A role (CSK_WYSIHTML5_TEST) in the project should give access to both the pages above.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.