Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kibana Dashboards - Related Content for Classic

In the following DIY blog series, I described how we can use the framework provided in PeopleTools 8.58 to configure our own custom visualizations and dashboards in Kibana and use them in PeopleSoft applications via the 'Kibana Visualizer'.

Refer: DIY - Kibana Dashboards with Application Data

Part 3 described how we can configure a Kibana visualization/dashboard as a Tile within PeopleSoft. There is also another way we can expose the Kibana visualization/dashboard in PeopleSoft. This alternate approach is to configure them as related information/content of a component.

Configure Kibana Visualizations as Related Information/Content of a Component

Let us take the same Kibana dashboards that we built in the DIY series and configure them as related information of a component.

Gotcha: As delivered, this option only works for Fluid components.

So, let us pick a Fluid component - HR_EE_ADDR_FL (Employee Self Service > Personal Details > Addresses) and configure the Kibana dashboards as related information.

Navigation: PeopleTools > Search Framework > Administration > Kibana Visualizations > Component Level (Tab)

Configure Kibana Visualizations as Related Content of a Classic Component

As we saw in the previous section, the 'Component Level' - related information option is only available for Fluid components. Does this mean we cannot use Kibana visualizations/dashboards as related content for Classic? It is true that we cannot use the delivered 'Kibana Visualizations' configuration page for Classic components. But we can simply configure a related content service that points to the 'Kibana Visualizer' component and pass appropriate parameters to display the desired dashboards!

Create Related Content Service

URL and Parameters

The URL and parameters required for the Related Content Service could be determined by inspecting the 'Full View' of any Kibana dashboard displayed via the 'Kibana Visualizer' as shown below.


The below URL is an example of a dashboard (Full View) displayed via the 'Kibana Visualizer' in 'Full View' mode.

http://pi034.hcm92.com:8000/psc/ps_newwin/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/PTSF_SEARCH_ADMIN.PTSF_KIBANA_COMP.GBL?DBOARD=URLGEN&DASHBOARD=IB Dashboard&SUMMARY=IB Tile Dashboard&ICDoModeless=1

Required Parameters for Related Content Service

Parameters Notes
DBOARD URLGEN will ensure that 'Kibana Visualizer' (Full View) is used
DASHBOARD Name of the Kibana Dashboard for Full View
ICDoModeless This will ensure that the Branding header is not displayed

Note: The SUMMARY parameter is not required for the related content service because we will only be using the 'Full View' and don't require the 'Tile View'.

Manage Related Content Service

As a proof of concept, we will add the Related Content Service to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Operations Monitor > Monitoring > Asynchronous Services.



This proof of concept is in response to a question that was posed on the following blog post.

PeopleTools 8.58 - Application Data and Kibana Dashboards

Can we setup Kibana dashboards as related content of Classic pages? The delivered framework does not provide an option for this setup but we can configure this directly using related content.


  1. It's pretty interesting, will try in a demo environment first. Your blogs are very helpful. Thanks for sharing 👍

  2. Many thanks for this post, Sasank!

    Off-topic question : is there any way to change how a table is created? For example, certain tables have "pt_dragResize" class associated with them for the header row. Can we change how this class is set and applied?