Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Drop Zones - LCM Considerations

Previously, I wrote about Lifecycle Management (LCM) Considerations for Event Mapping Framework.

Refer: Event Mapping Framework LCM Considerations

Drop Zones, similar to Event Mapping, provide a way for us to isolate our customizations and utilize configurations. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Drop Zones also do not have support for LCM as of now. Particularly, flagging App Designer - Compare Reports would be very helpful while taking updates from PeopleSoft (via PUM) to determine associated impact to any Drop Zone configuration.

While we wait for LCM enhancements to Drop Zones, here is a SQL query that will find a correlation between page objects in a project and the Drop Zones metadata. The query will return all page objects in a project (think tax updates, 'get me current' PUM application patching, etc.) that have corresponding Drop Zones configured. We can use this SQL to review any impact to custom subpages configured as Drop Zones.

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  1. Hi Sasank, Can you please write something on Peoplesoft Forms and approval builder?