Friday, May 15, 2020

Drop Zones for Classic

PeopleTools 8.58 introduced Drop Zones for Classic. I previously wrote about a SQL query that helps us identify a list of delivered components (both Fluid and Classic) that contain Drop Zones.

Refer: SQL to list Components with Drop Zones

At the time of writing (April 13, 2020), I reported that I could not find any application PUM image that contained classic components with Drop Zones. I tried executing the same SQL in a HCM - PUM image 34 (which is also on 8.58.03) and to my surprise I found 20 classic components with Drop Zones. Kudos to the HCM team for leveraging a lot of the latest PeopleTools features such as Kibana Dashboards, Classic Drop Zones, etc.!!

Oracle ACE Director, Graham Smith, showed us (in detail with a simple example) how we can use the Drop Zones that are delivered for Fluid components.


Further details can be found in PeopleBooks: Understanding Drop Zones

COMPANY_TABLE is an example of a classic component in HCM Image 34 which contains Drop Zones.

Let us create a simple subpage and test the Drop Zone feature in Classic.

Custom subpage with page field elements

Let us create a custom subpage (as described in the Peoplebooks referenced earlier). This contains the required group box (container) that encompasses the entire subpage. All other page elements on this subpage must be enclosed within this container. We need to also clear the group box label text, set label style to PAGROUPBOXLABELINVISIBLE, select Adjust Layout for Hidden Fields check box and optionally select the Hide Border check box.

Configure Drop Zone

PeopleTools > Portal > Configure Drop Zones



  1. Hi Sasank,

    I created custom subpage and added the dropzone on Location_table component. But, when i am going back to Configure Dropzones component to remove the dropzone, it is not showing me the page with my changes. Rather everything in grid is blank and instead of subpage there is written subpanel.

    1. By any chance, did you delete the subpage which you used in the drop zone?

      It appears that the subpage object might be deleted. You can verify by opening it in App Designer. See if you get any errors and report back. Thanks!