Thursday, September 3, 2015

PeopleTools 8.54+ - Branding - Part 4C - Customizing DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT Theme (Continued)

This post (Part 4C) is a continuation of one of my previous Branding articles on customizing the DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT theme (Part 4B).

Adding A Content Reference To The Header Using A 'Basic Link':

Previously, we added links to the System Header Links section by using the same approach as some of the delivered System Header Links such as 'Worklist' and 'MultiChannel Console' links. This involved creating our own custom Branding Elements with associated App Classes.

Now, let us use an alternative approach to add links to the Branding Header using a 'Basic Link' and 'Portal/Content URL'.

Let us add the 'My Personalizations' Content Reference - PT_USER_SELF_PERSONAL_GBL - in this example.

Note: Use 'Portal URL' for Content Reference to display within the Portal Frame. Use 'Content URL' for the Content Reference to display without the Portal Frame.

Save the Header Definition.

Test Changes:

Recommendations if you are experiencing caching issues.
  1. Clear local browser cache.
  2. Shutdown, purge and reboot the web server(s).


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  2. Hi Sasank,
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