Friday, March 24, 2017

Using Different Branding Themes for Different Portals

Most of the posts on my blog are mainly based on or inspired by questions/comments/ideas on my blog, OTN, HEUG and other PeopleSoft forums. This post is no different. Someone raised an interesting query on one of my Branding posts:
What would it take to have a different logo for the different portals (Employee, Supplier, ...)?

We already know how to use 'Branding Themes' to configure Branding requirements like logo, icon, color changes, etc.
PeopleTools 8.54 - Branding - Part 1
PeopleTools 8.55 - Branding - What's new?

For the purposes of this demonstration I created two very simple but different Branding Themes (SV_RED_THEME_FLUID and SV_BLUE_THEME_FLUID). And as we can see below, I am using SV_RED_THEME_FLUID in my 'Branding System Options' as the 'Default Branding Theme'.



Branding System Options:

But the changes that are part of a Branding Theme which are applied using the 'Branding System Options' would propagate across the application to all portals (EMPLOYEE, SUPPLIER, CUSTOMER, etc.).

How do we override the 'Default Branding Theme' for specific portals?

Let us say, we want to use a different theme (SV_BLUE_THEME_FLUID) for our CUSTOMER portal.

The solution is very simple. We just need to use the 'Assign Themes' page to configure the override. But the caveat is that we must log in to the portal in question (CUSTOMER in this case) while performing the 'Assign Themes' step.

PeopleBooks: Assign Branding Themes

Trick/Shortcut to switch between portals:

Simply edit the URL to replace the portal portion with the desired value (assuming we have security access to the portal concerned).

Assign Theme Override for a specific Portal (CUSTOMER):


Sign out, clear browser cache and sign back in to see the results.

Environment Details:
CS 9.2 - PUM Image 4 - PeopleTools 8.55.12

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